Philadelphia Weekly ’10

From the Philadelphia Weekly back in September 2010. I can understand not getting Vegemite but Tim Tams? They don’t get Tim Tams?

“We’ll admit that we really don’t get the Australian thing. Vegemite? Tim Tams? But thank Dundee for Ants Pants Cafe’s Violet Crumble milkshake. Besides offering one of the best brunches in the city, Ants Pants’ championing of the popular Aussie candy bar has serious implications for a city surprisingly bereft of good milkshake options. With its sublime combination of chocolate and honeycomb, the Violet Crumble tastes unlike any sweets sold domestically. As a country that very nearly adopted “Waltzing Matilda” as its national anthem, Australia can be a tough place to figure out. Candy, fortunately, they seem to have covered.”

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We LOVE our Vegemite over here in Australia I think it is because we’ve alyaws had it as part of our diet. One of my little families FAVOURITE baby foods is actually a mixture of mashed potato, sweet potato, pumpkin and VEGEMITE! We just boil the veggies, mash them all up and add say 1/4 of a teaspoon to a bowl full of mash I actually think I like it better than my babies ever did 1 spoon for baby, 2 sppons for mummy The ratio of Vegemite to toast is definitely varied from person to person, I like LOTS of Vegemite and my partner like’s a light scraping I think Noah started off with the perfect amount!! I actually also like Marmite (the british version) on Rye bread toast BUT NONE of my Aussie friends like it Much Love to your little family. Gab xx

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