While we’re a long way from Australia, we do borrow a great deal from our personal history from the “lucky country”. We would like to stress that we are not an Australian Themed cafe but Australian Influenced. The foundation of our menu items are uniquely borrowed from our experience working in several Sydney cafe’s (a strong and competitive cafe environment). It’s no secret that Aussies take their love of espresso drinks and their dining very seriously so we felt it was important to bring that love to the City of Brotherly Love, a city that at the time was still finding its feet in the culinary world (this was 2003 folks!). We like to think that we played a small part in building what we now consider to be a strong and vibrant dining scene (most likely the best in the country).

Some typical Australian items that are worth checking out include Vegemite, served on toast or as a sandwich. Make sure to try a flat white (like a short latte or a wet cappuccino), the Aussie iced coffee (a decadent ice cream and coffee blend), Avocado Toast or just a brekkie platter which is a staple around most cafes around Australia.

Also keep in mind that at Ants Pants we also welcome the Aussie spirit which is borne around the notion that “she’ll be right mate” which loosely translates to the more familiar “it’s all good” so don’t be a knob.

For those who are disappointed that we are not an “Aussie Themed” cafe, we recommend Outback Steakhouse.

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