COVID-19 Update

Like everyone, we’re most certainly aware of the recent coronavirus threat and as a public place we are taking it very seriously.

While we’ve always taken pride in cleanliness, we’re ramping things up somewhat to ensure that our staff and our customers are as protected as much as possible. We all work and eat at our cafes so we certainly don’t want to put any undue risks on ourselves and most certainly on anyone who walks through our doors. We just wanted to take a few minutes to reassure you that we plan on doing all we can to prevent a potential spread. It’s actually one of the few times we’re happy to have a smaller location which not only makes it easier to keep clean but also to restrict the volume of traffic.

So here are a few things we’re doing:

  1. Our kitchen staff all wear gloves during prep and cooking but they’re also ramping up their hand washing. Any of our staff who are showing cold symptoms will have to stay home.
  2. Our servers and support staff are also washing their hands more often but we’ve also added an antibacterial spray routine as well as full bleach wipedowns on tables, chairs and menu’s once a party has vacated. While this may add to the wait, we feel it’s worth it.

What can you do?

  1. We want you to keep coming in but we’d love you to give your hands a wash a little more than usual. We’ll have some hand wash to accommodate as needed.
  2. Anyone with sneezes, sniffles or coughs might want to consider staying home for a while until it runs its course. We love you but not so much your germs.

If you are feeling a bit under the weather, you may also want to consider ordering online. We use Postmates and UberEats so feel free to enjoy your favorite sandwich or hash at home. It’s not quite the same but it’s a close second.

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Thank you for taking care of us as well as the wonderful folks who work for/with you.

Will you be open for takeout this weekend, 3/21-22?

Right now we’re playing it by ear but will know more closer to the weekend depending on suppliers and staffing etc. We will communicate via social channels Instagram and Facebook predominately.

Stay updated!

We’re fairly active on Social so follow along as we post specials and news regularly.

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