Ants Pants on 4th Now Open

After some 13 years in Graduate Hospital, Ants Pants has decided it was time to cross Broad St and has opened its second location on 4th St between South and Lombard. It’s been great getting to know the folks over on that side of the city and we’re certainly looking forward to meeting more.

The menu is that same tried and true as our original location. We’re also carrying the same Aussie-owned, Brooklyn Roasted coffee Tobys Estate and will be sharing a lot more resources as well. Pop by 526 South 4th St to check us out.

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What are your hours?

Ants Pants on 4th is 8am – 4pm every day

Are there outside tables for me and our pooch? Thanks

At 4th St there’s typically a table outside. At 22nd there’s a couple

Just wondering where the name of your cafe came from.

It’s has an Australian origin similar to bees knees. It means really good

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Ants Pants offers gift certificates. Order one today for a friend, mate, enemy, frenemy, sibling, child, parent, in-law, out-law or just get one for yourself!

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